Connecting nodemcu to middle of lights

Do I have to start at the beginning of multistring of LEDs? Instead of going left to right or right to left on the house - it would be easier on mine to start in the middle somewhere. say start at 150 -300, then wrap around and go from 1-149, as an example. I can get it working fine on the ground 1-300 but can’t figure out how I might get it on the house.

You can use 2 pins and connect strips as you described.

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If you do not cut the strip at the the “middle somewhere” point, you can only start at the beginning and that’s it.

Once you cut the strip, you can flip one end around so both starting pixels are next to each other. Then you can run 2 WLED pins to control them independently (or ever how you like).

Does that make sense? Data controlling addressable LED strips only moves in one direction. You have control over that direction by the direction of installation. WLED is beautiful in supporting that because you can configure one as forward and the other as reverse. If you use 2 pins on the same controller, you can make it look like one long strip, or 2 unique strips, and you can do that anytime you like. It is not permanent! Such a grand design :smiley: