Control 1 pixel, after I detect when battery is charging

Hi! I am trying to detect and display when my device is charging. I want to stop WLED execution and only blink 1 led. Right now I can stop it properly with:


How can I blink 1 led? I tried with strip.setPixelColor and calling strip.service and show after but nothing seems to work. I know it might not be recommended to block the execution but this is just a special case because while charging there is not enough power for the leds+ESP32.


Your approach is incorrect.

Write a usermod which can blink 1 LED using overlayDraw() method.

but I actually want to stall wled from doing stuff because otherwise starts browning out (due the charging circuitry not using the battery directly).

I will check overlayDraw tho, thanks

usermod can have total control over how WLED operates