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Hi everyone,

i want to install some more LED Strips in my house. At the moment im running Homeassistant with lot of Zigbee lights and stuff. Ich have 2 Lidl LED Strips already in place but i think they are not the best in quality.

I starting reading espacially around the BTF Stuff but im getting more confused, the more im reading :-).

My first idea was to order an D1 Mini and because of the 5v from the D1 a Powersupply with 5v and 10A + an LED Strip with 5V.

But then i found Post regarding the cheap SP511E and the option to use it with WLED.

What i really like on that solution is that it can be used from 5V - 24V and the cabeling could be really clean because most of the things can be plugged together without cutting and soldering.

But now a lot of questions:

-What LED Strip should / can i use with this controller after flashing to WLED Firmware?

I have found an article that SK6812 would have great light but lot of users are using the WS2812B.

And then i found the FCOB RGB IC Light Strip WS2811 Addressable 720 630 LEDs Dream Full Color 12mm 12V 24V that also sounds amazing in light quality.

  • What is the max Watt / Ampere i can use with the SP511E?

On some page i have seen a info for Max. Lasts-Energy = 900Pixels?

  • Should i really get the SP511E controller or is my first idea (D1 Mini) aber better solution?

Soldering is not problem but i like the idea of having everything clean with a case and connectors…

Also the 5V limitation is a disadvantage in my opinion.

Lot of questions but maybe someone has an anwer for me :-).

Thx in Advance and sorry for my bad english.

Kind Regards


The controller can run from 5-24 but doesn’t convert anything / none of the power to the LEDs even needs to go through it. You still have to use the correct voltage your strip needs, all it means is it can supply itself from whatever that is.

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Hi Kilrah,

that was clear to me, my understanding is that if the powersupply is 12V and my LED Strip is 12V everything is fine but is the controll strong enough to connect for example a 100W Powersupply and a 5m LED strip that is requiring 80 Watts?

Found a spec mentioning max 6A, IMO that is the max that you’d want through a 5.5x2.1 barrel connector anyway.
At 12V 80W is 6.6A. Personally I’d wire it so it doesn’t go through and remove the barrel connector.