Cool wled feature for live view from web browser

Hi , My name is Al , If you didn’t know about this then I hope you find it useful to troubleshoot wled and leds and if you knew this already then please do not hate me . Cheers :slight_smile:


I’d suggest putting the liveview address in the video too and not just in the comments. I wonder if we should add a popout button on several pixel high “Peek” bar.

Hi , live view address is in the video but the video quality is low , might be i will add the higher quality one . I was planning to do another video with more instruction and make the live-view and actual live video bigger , if you think of something else then let me know .

Adding a button on the peek is actually a good idea as a lot of the guys did not know that it is the same thing but live view is bigger .

I noticed some network problems with two of the MCUs when i was testing live-view with a lot of animation and I was wondering if live view is choking the MCU network , all the MCUs tested were 2 meters away from router and showing 100% signal strength and around -33dBm.

Is there a way to check the MCU network bandwidth utilization beside the signal strength ?

I should have also mentioned in the video that this is on SR 13.B4 or just test on 13.B6 without sound reactive all together ?

Feedback is really appreciated ,cheers

can you make video public?

done , sorry I was uploading a higher quality video