Couple of questions regarding first WLED setup

Hi all,

I am planning a ceiling installation with WLED and have already made a list of things to buy. Some of them are already ordered but for others I still need some help or in best case approval :smiley:

As stated before I am planning a ceiling installation. The total length of the strip is 9,6m.

So far I have ordered:

  • BTF-LIGHTING WS2815 12V 2*5m
  • 10m aluminium profiles with 45° degree where the strip will me mounted to

As per the WLED power calculator the power supply should have ~ 92W@12V. I have heard only good things about Mean Well power supplies. I am ogling with the Mean Well HLG-120H-12A. It can deliver up to 120W but this should be no problem, right? Also I am planning to use AWG 16 ~ 1,5mm² stranded wire for the cabling. Is that enough?

As controller I am planning to use a ready-to-use controller and two relay boards from a german WLED shop.

I am a bit confused regarding the power supply. I do get that with almost 10 m the strip need to be supplied twice. I found different information on how to do that. Some say the second supply needs to be inserted after 5 m. Some say it needs to be done at the end of the strip. Is there any difference or best practice how and where to do it?


Hello - I’m far from an expert but can comment a little on your gear.

The MeanWell supplies have served me well for several projects and the one you’ve selected seems to have enough overhead to handle your project.

Power injection seems like a good idea over 10m. Don’t know if you’re familiar with QuinLED but maybe this page can help you spec out how to supply power to your strip:

You’re talking about power injection for a longer strip.
I’ve always liked to spread the injection points along the strip by breaking it in even fractions so each point supplies 2 “legs” one on each side of the injection point.
It means each point needs to handle twice the current, but they’re evenly distributed across the whole strip.
You add enough to break up the load across the whole strip into manageable chunks your wiring can handle.