Crestron communications to WLED

I need to add WLED comms from a Crestron Lighting Control System. Because of the limits of the Crestron programming environment I need to use a simple method. My needs are to turn a strip On and Off with a fade initially, then add one global color and in a perfect world set each pixel to a specific color. I think UDP or sACN would be the easiest.
Anyone done this?

No, never tried that actually :thinking:

Does the Crestron environment have any means to trigger an http request?
Alternatively (an perhaps a little more convoluted) can Crestron communicate with something like a garage door to open it?
If you can get Crestron to trigger a relay, you can use that to connect to a GPIO and fire a preset.

Can open UDP and TCP sockets and then send data as ASCII or Hex. I can talk sACN to DMX controllers successfully but nothing I do works for WLED sACN. By default, with sACN I use port 5568 but have been unable to confirm that port works with WLED.

Disclaimer: I haven’t done any e1.31/sACN/DMX work myself.

It may be worth a look at the KB notes: WLED-E1.31 if you haven’t already. There’s a discussion about sender priorities that may have some impact on your setup

As far as the port goes, I do note if you try and set the Network DMX input type to “Custom Port” (Config->Sync Setup->Realtime), it defaults to 5568, which is a fair sign that’s where it listens.

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I had good luck using the HTTP API integrating with my Elan (Nortek, now Nice) controller. I’m not at all familiar with how Crestron is programmed, but if it has a module to just send HTTP requests, it will work.

HTTP API here…

Great feedback. We have a large sACN library from other projects so I need to give this one more go but will shift to HTTP API if I can’t make it work. I think my controller died, so on hold to get a replacement.