sACN out rather than sACN in?

Hello! I am new to wLED and I came here because I read that it supported sACN. So, now that I am here I see that it receives sACN data. That is nice and can be useful for some applications. For other applications where there is no master serving up sACN data is it possible to have an ESP32 wLED node to act as the master and send out sACN data using its internal FX generator?

This would allow me to bring my computer to the installation and serve up sACN to the wLED nodes sometimes, but then other times when I bring my computer home, one of the wLED nodes can serve up the sACN data using internal FX. There seems to be a way to sync different wLED nodes using a special protocol, but I am hoping one can act as master to control other non-wLED devices that are waiting for standard sACN data.

If this is not possible, I am looking into somehow having HomeAssistant to generate the sACN data using AppDaemon, but not sure if it can do such fluid FX @ fast frame rates. I have it sending static colors so far…

thx for any guidance!
Steve French (aka Volt Vision Frenchy)