Generate UDP realtime WARLS data for sync


I know of the sync feature which pushes the actual settings of a WLED instance to other instances.
But what I am looking for is to create a WARLS UDP data stream from the WLED instance to push it to other instances. Like mentioned here: GitHub - scottlawsonbc/audio-reactive-led-strip: Real-time LED strip music visualization using Python and the ESP8266 or Raspberry Pi
I have tried LedFX using DMX sACN with great success too.

I am fiddling around with WLED SR and I would like to have a single instance to listen to the audio to create visual effects and other instances to show the results.
WLED SR does have audio sync but this limits the connected clients to be ESP32 and to use WLED SR.
I am able to write code but it would be useful to have some hints where to look and what would be a clean way to integrate.


I have made a github request for this specific issue here: sync multiple instances with realtime sync or DMX · Issue #119 · atuline/WLED · GitHub
and supported another request with a similar question here sACN out vs sACN in · Issue #1986 · Aircoookie/WLED · GitHub