Sound Reactive UDP Audio Sync Dropout

Hey all!

Been playing around with the Sound Reactive fork of WLED. I have one strip set to transmit the audio packets and another set to receive. This works fine for a bit, but after a short time it seems the receiver stops getting new updates. It just gets stuck repeating the same animation. Stopping the music doesn’t stop the animation.

To temporarily fix I can just hit save and connect in the Wi-Fi settings of the slave or reboot.

Both devices have Disable Wi-Fi Sleep enabled. Not sure what else to check. Any thoughts?

For anyone else who has this issue, it seems to be something with my mesh network. I put all the SR WLED ESP32s on their own AP and all is good now.

Hi, could please share how you managed to have the SR data synced from master to slave esp32? What configuration did you set?