Cam i sync 2 esp32's one sound one no sound

can i sync the sound esp32(with mic has one string with 150 leds )

with a esp32 (no mic has 5 strings with 30 leds each)

so the sound esp32 sends data to the other one and reacts like the sound esp32(with mic),

thanks for your help

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simply yes

if you’re using wled 14 ( As you should be lol ) with sound reactive usermod . all devices need to have the same version even if it does not have mic connected.

Then goto the usermods scroll down near the end of sound reactive settings where you’ll see

“” sync “”

the master ( with mic ) wled esp should be set to “send” and all the listeners set to “receive”. so change these options accordingly.

So as long as the ( master ) wled esp32 with the mic has power … doesn’t need to be “on” it will be constantly sending audio data to other wled esp32s on the network regardless of what its actually doing.

Hope that helps

thanks for your help you ,you pointed me in the right direction , i found a audio sync at the very bottom of the sync page in version v0.13.3 “Toki+SR”.


That’s cool.
I’ll point you in another direction… Lol
I’m always digging out interesting things…

Try moonmodules

How does one put WLED 14 into sound reactive mode? I’ve been looking for it for a while.

You can compile with audio reactive user mod or use the bins from here WLED installation ( or here WLED installation (

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OK I’ve downloaded the bin file. I’ve installed VS code. I’ve installed the git hub desktop. I’ve installed platformIO I have followed the walk-through on the knowledge page, edited and saved the platformIo_override.ini file but I do not understand how to integrate the bin file I downloaded with audio reactive into a working in WLED file.:exploding_head: I am far from a programmer, and this is becoming very difficult for me. When I open the bin file with audio reactive, 0.14.0-2b It just looks like gobbledygook in either a text editor or platformIO unlike the WLED main files, which I can make some sense of in platformIO… Some. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Because this is an old post might be we are mixing things , you need to compile only if you want to add your own customization or include more usermods , if you just want to use audio then why not just flash the version you like directly from the site

Is there a way to switch between the audio-reactive and normal mode using a simple button command?
I’m looking into building a control board that will function as the master for the whole setup. This will use buttons and potentiometers, as well as a microphone to control a selection of outputs. Was thinking if I could make use of a physical button to activate/deactivate audio-reaction, that would be really cool :smiley:

I am not clear on the question when you say “audio-reactive and normal mode” . I have master control unit already that is having mics and under that master unit I configured multiple DDP slaves that will recreate to audio ( also button action will be reflected on the slave unit ) . If i turn off the master then slave units will go back to whatever they were doing before.

Is it possible to configure multiple masters to the same slaves? Like when you turn on one master all the slaves will automatically recognize it, and when you turn on the other one they jump to him sort of thing

Yes you can , i used three masters but each master will take control at a time , if two masters are on at the same time then slave lights will misbehave

sorry mate ben busy… did you manage to sort it out?

Nope just moved on.

Put a switch on the mic output / v+ input???

As i explained above my friend .