Custom Twinkle Flash Random Glitter

I am looking for an effect that randomly flashes a random single pixel like tiny flashbulbs.

I have a string of 75 of the tiny “pixie” lights on our Christmas tree. I’m looking for an effect that will randomly select one, or several, random pixels and “flash” them at a random interval.

I can get close with Setting Color 1 as White and Color 2 as Black. I then select “Colors 1&2” under Colors, then “Twinklecat” under Effects.

This is almost perfect, except for the decay of the light. The attack comes on quickly, but the decay is set to fade the light out slowly.

Is there a way to change the decay of the light or is there another Effect that I am not aware of?


Check out the list of effects here! It looks like Twinkle, Solid Glitter, Popcorn, Colortwinkles, fill noise, and noise4 might be good candidates!

Thank you for the suggestions. Twinkle actually works pretty well. I turn the Intensity almost all the way down and the speed almost all the way up, It gives the effect I am looking for. Except, the twinkling or flashing happens mostly on the first half of the string.

On my test table, I connected 2 strings (100 pixels). Most of the flashing happens on the first 50 and will occasionally flash once or twice on the 2nd string every 10 seconds or so. On the first 50 pixels, the effect it almost perfect.

I went into LED Settings and lied to the program. I set it to 200 LEDs and the effect is now spread over the 100 pixels, but sparsely. This is pretty good.

The other effects you mentioned were close. Glitter had exactly the flashing or “glitter” effect mixed in, but there are too many steady lit pixels. Popcorn is too “hyper”, even on the slowest setting. If it could be slowed WAY down, it may work. The other effects have the slow fade out.

I’ll keep playing around with the settings and the Twinkle effect. It works better than Twinklecat.

That link you shared is pretty cool. I had not seen it before.

Please let me know of there are any other suggestions.