This is wierd.. How do I make wled look like regular Christmas lights?

Ive had my Christmas LEDS over a year now running WLED. This year I would like to imitate my neighbors with a static light display that looks like something from Walmart (bear with me)… standard Christmas lights. Alternating Blue and White, say, or alternating red and green. Not moving or flashing, just colored, static leds. My plan is to have one static display for a few nights then suddenly change to all red, say for a few nights. Then, closer to the Holidays, break out into full WLED displays.

So, the question is: How do I program every third (say) LED to be primary, then secondary, then tertiary but to just to stay lit and not move in any effect pattern. It is very simple but difficult to describe. Can WLED do this? jj

Interleave segments by setting start pixels and spacing.

Segments cannot overlap, but maybe this is a workaround. @easp did you try it?

I’m not sure if this is what @Pooof is after, but I think it could help.

Right now, I have a static pattern of three colors that repeats over my whole string on my string. I did it by configuring three segments as shown below and then setting a separate primary color for each segment. Additional segments would have a larger value for “Start LED” and the spacing value would need to be increased for all segmentsl. I haven’t yet tried using any effects that make use of the secondary or tertiary colors.



Got it done, thanks for your inspiration. I ended up with 2 segments with spacing of 1. One segment is primary white, solid effect with no speed. Other segment is breathe effect with primary red and secondary green.

It produces a very nice static effect which I can blend with other effects. Sure hope Aircookie completes v 11 soon… I understand it will store segment data in all presets.

Thanks again,