How to do two color solid in WLED

I’d like to set WLED to a two color solid effect, similar the red / white pattern in this picture.

I’m not seeing how to do it with the available settings.

Any suggestions?

There are likely a few ways to do it, but I would create two segments each with spacing set to two and the start of the second one offset by one. You can then set the first segment to red and the second to white.

But then you con not light up the complete strip, or am I missing something…?
Change the colors for the christmas effect would be awesome, because green is not that common here… :yum:

Sure you could. You would just select both segments, then set your color.

Circus is red and white. :wink:

Lets say, you set segment 0 from LED 0 to 10, and segment 1 from 10 to 20.
But what about 20 to 30, 30 to 40, and so on…?
You can’t set let say 500 segments for a whole house… :flushed:

Circus is a good point to start at! :upside_down_face:

What I described was interleaving two segments. :wink:

Note: For two colors, the spacing should be set to ‘1’, not ‘2’.

This works as noted in current version.

Has it changed? I’m running: v0.10.2 “Fumikiri,” which seems to start spacing at 0.

Oh this is brilliant.
I never realized it could work like that
I used a different setting to get white, red, white, red… (without spaces)
Segment 0 : start 0, group 1, spacing 1
Segment 1 : start 1, group 1, spacing 1

Now I need to tweak this into other configs.
Thanks for the tip!