Direction and LED Numbering

Hi all,
i have a problem / understanding issue.

I have connected a 6 LEDs long strip to the D1 Mini Board.
I have connected it in the right direction. So the arrows on the strip showing away from the D1 mini.
(What is strange: The Printing on the Strip is not Din → Do → Din - > Do . It is always Di → Di ->Di ->Di = Perhaps a printing issue in production of the cable ?!)
I have done the following in the setup-
Total LED Count 6
Led Outputs: Start 0 Count : 6
Reverse : Empty
Skip First LED: Empty

Segment 0
Start 0
Stop 6
Grouping 1
Spacing 0
Reverse : Empty

= Everything is fine . If i run an effect. The effect runs visually from the controller to the end of the led.

Now, when i go back to the setting and change it to:
Led Outputs: Start 1 Count : 6
Then the led which is the LAST Led (the one which is farest away from the controller) turned off.
But from a logical point of view the verry first (nearest) LED to the controller should turn off, shouldnt she?

Thanks !!!

It should, unless you’ve got reverse checked.

And this confusing me much.
I have no clue where the Problem could be. All reverse settings Are unchecked.

All LEDs from to the end of the last segment need to cover the defined # of LEDs. No LEDs left behind.
If segment 0 is defined as 0 to 6, and then you change segment 0 to 1 to 6, what happens to LED 0? It is left behind.
You can’t do that.
Segment 0 should be LED 0. Segment 1 should be 1 to 6. Then you can get the behavior you want for 0 and 1-6 independently.

Hi Huggy, this is not the problem, the problem is the direction. And it is not the segment as a problem it starts in the led coniguration.

Total LED Count 6
Led Outputs: Start 0 Count : 6
With this condiguration all if fine

Total LED Count 6
Led Outputs: Start 1 Count : 6
With this configuration 1 led is off , in generel this is fine because it starts at 1 and not at 0,
but it is the “wrong” led which is off. It is the verry last led, the led which is farest away from the controller.


hi there
i think this is alittle bit hard to explain
its a language problem between digital and analog world

the digital world for adressing its common to use adress 0 as adress for the first client in the data stream or what ever ( u know that from ip adressing thats 4 times 8 bit 0-255) and thats the physical unit

now we start to build intelligent lights
and in this world is the physical adressed led 1 equals digital adress 0
and in wled user interface world they count the leds like humans do ( where u programm your light scenes ) so segment definition is like human logic works
led 1 segment 1 start , led 64 segment 1 end
next segment starts al led 64 ( but led 65 in reality) and ends at led 128 and so on

if u dont know u have to try around whith these settings

normally u dont have to skip the first led in the configuration
but it is a usefull dirty trick option ( ws28xx used as level shifter and dataline driver signal splitter )

and if u do skip the first led, it does get the order to stay dark. the first not the last one ( i just tried out for u on my 256 ws2812b matrix)

so u maybe rearrange ur segment settings
start led should be led 2 and end at 6 maybe 8

its something like canvas and the picture on it
the canvas is the digital hardware setup definition under config
the esp knows how many hardware leds and strips and output pins are configured depending to your projekt u fnd it under config , Led Preferences
these settings under config arrange the hardware to one long strip whith max 1500 leds
the pickture is the segment definition in ui
and by segment definition u can shift and scale ur “picture” ( generator output )
the user interface has the option to arrange your segments how many leds are added to one strip

yes it can drive u crazy and mad and verry agressive whicht sets your project to danger beimg smashed at the wall
keep calm
Flash the mistakes away
and try again
and one day it works fine
and u feel like the king of the digital world
cause ur lights do what u say

hope i confused u more

my strategy is
keep it simple stupid

@Gerrit42 Thanks for that detailled answer, most of it i was already aware of and i think i understood everything in your post. But i think i made the problem not clear enough. Perhaps i cant find the best way to describe this in english. I am not confused with counting from 0/1 (hoping i understand the concept).
It has also nothing to do with segment settings.

If i do this:
Thes last led turned of (Last = farest away from the controller)
I think this is not correct and this is what i dont understand.

If i do “skip the first led” then the very FIRST led (First = nearest to the controller) turned of.
Thats right an logical.

So my only issue and understanding problem is:
Why the LAST Led turned of when i switched from 0 - 6 to 1 - 6 in the led settings from the screenshot above. Out of my point of view changing this from 0 to 1 it should have the same effect as “skip the first led” and turn the first led of and not the last.

ok u shifted the pickture one led in the direktion of the controler
last led in that case should be led nr 7
segment only goes to 6 ? then its not in the programming no data for 7 means black cause esp knows its there but there is no input from the generator

maybe this setting will help
1: match the led type u use
2: pin is correct
3: i always start whith 0
And then in your case 6 leds
and yes im shure u are a perfekt counter like me but i also struggeled at the beginning
lights on !

led type is correct
pin 2 was preconfigured and working. i tried pin 0 to 5 = no function.
i count also with 0. trying to start with 1 brings this issue up .

there are 6 physical leds in total. segment accepts no led 7 it jumped back to 6.

Effect ist running from Start to End direction = fine
Skip first led will turn of the led i numbered with 0 in the picture = also fine
But in the led setting doing 1- 6 instead of 0 - 6 will turn of led nr 5 of the picture . = not logical / not fine.

Perhaps it is eaysier to tunr around my question:
Should “skip the first led” have the same effekt on the same led in my setup as the seeting 1 - 6 in the led settings (not the segment setting)?

( I think so perhaps i think wrong.)

now for all
if the leds at the end stay dark there are two reasons
first in led pref menue u define the number of total leds on the strip

LED & Hardware setup

Total LED count: e.g. 256

normaly after that u define the starting number :

Hardware setup

LED outputs:
1: your type
Color Order: your type
Pin: all but not 3
Start: 0 = facktory default
Count: 256

if we are now having the first led skipped and therefor logically the start is 1
now we lost the last led
so the solution
ad one led to the first parameter

LED & Hardware setup

Total LED count: e.g. 256 here we have to ad 1 led means 257 and zack
the lost led is back in the game and first led acts like it should

u dont want the long version

the short version
ad the number of the start adress of your first led to the number of total led count

Hi, on the one hand this is really great because you have found a solution for the use case i showed.
On the other hand this is not really my problem.
I dont want to have this solution how to bring back the last led. (even if a solution is always good to know)

i am trying to understand what you described also:

if we are now having the first led skipped and therefor logically the start is 1
now we lost the last led
this is my BIG question why do we loose the LAST led if we skip the FIRST led by starting at 1 instead of 0. To me starting at 1 should skip LED 0 (First LED) and not the last one.

Only try to understand why it is doing it like this.

Perhaps in the 2nd situation you describe, the count should be 5. If you have 6 LEDs, start at the 2nd one, you only have 5 LEDs available in segment 1. Segment 0 starts at 0, count = 1 (ends at LED 0).

Ok, I should have read all the posts before replying.
Once you declare the 1st LED is to be skipped, LED #0 starts at LED Pixel #1, not the skipped one.
@Aircookie does the math for you automatically
You get to pretend you physically removed the first pixel, put it right next to the ESPxx controller data pin so it can boost the 3.3V to 5V data signal. Then you can forget it exists as far as WLED configuration of segments is concerned.

Make sense?

I think @Aircookie knew this would get confusing and made it easy for us. I appreciate it!

To me Personal it is not easy and logical that LED 5 turned of, cause it is the last LED. But i sccept it as It is.

When the skip first pixel option is selected, it is generally assumed it has been plucked from one end of the strip, placed close to the esp, and then the strip you care about a few meters away gets treated as if it’s the entire strip.

Ignore the first led next to the controller.

Unless your first led isn’t next to the controller. If it’s still connected to the strip, don’t check the box to skip the first led as there’s no reason.

I didnt. I only did LED setting from Start 0 to Start 1 See explained above. This turned of LED Nr 5 on my bicture above. Logically you will expect LED 0 to turn off.

Skip 1st LED is a checkbox.

@tonyno thanks, but this is not the issue. Thanks for all your help, i think its in the logic of wled that the last led will turn of when you move starting led in led configuration from 0 to 1.

Wait, segment 0 starts at LED 0. You want led 0 to be ignored? You can’t ignore an LED without dealing with it as part of the configuration.

Well, you can do a custom mapping that puts LED 0 at the other end of the string from segment perspective. Mapping like this:
Then you can ignore the 6th LED in a segment, the physically first LED.