Do the 24v WS2811 strips from Alitove work with WLED?

WLED docs say that WS2811 12V 3-LED segment strips are supported. I am working on some long outdoor runs and 24V would be ideal to avoid voltage drops. I found these 24v WS2811 6-LED segment strips on Amazon:

Would these still work too?

Sure, I see no reason why they wouldn’t work, they are still using the same protocol it seems.

Make sure your controller is 24v compatible (buck down convert maybe?) and also to send out a proper 5v data signal!

I’m brand new to WLED and just recently bought two Digi-Quads (w/pre-installed software) and the suggested 24v Powerwell power supply. I’ve purchased the same WS2811 strips as the member in this string, after setup and configuration I only get 30 LED to turn on. This is a 10M string with 600LEDs. I’ve purchased two separate strips and both have the same results. HELP! - Help no longer needed. Novice Alert… I just unplugged the Power Supply waited 10s and plugged back in… WHAM, whole reel is working now, YAY! Let’s ROCK!

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