ESP32 Lolin + MAX9814 + WS2815 = Noise / false signals via UDP

Hello there,

I’m running latest WLED 13.2 on Lolin32 Lite board to drive WS2815 strip. I have no issues when syncing effects with second set in “classic way”. But when I try to connect them via UDP to visualize music effects, strips goes crazy. As soon as I turn on receiving / transmitting mode in sync settings I got right away A LOT of noise on output. Basically there is no visualization of music, only noise.
It does not matter if there is transmitter turned on or just receiver in the network.

First thought was that microphone is reason, but I’ve got same results with Lolin32 board + WS2812 + no mic.

Did anyone get same / other results with Lolin board?
Maybe someone faced same issues with different board?

Really no one is worki with UDP feature…?

SR is a different branch (not maintained by the wled devs).