ESP32 WLED dev board

Well here is an ESP32 dev board designed with WLED in mind. Specifically to use in variety of LED projects.

  • ESP32-WROOM-E(U) modules;
  • Programmable over USB as any other dev board;
  • Temperature sensor built in;
  • 4pin PWM fan header for projects in enclosures, especially for outdoor projects;
  • Level shifter is mandatory :wink:
  • Relay for switching power up to 10A on board;
  • For future proof projects MicroSD slot.
  • Definitely board can be used in any other project where ESP32 is used.
  • Headers is compatible with shields made for Wemos mini and ESP32 mini boards.
    I hope that WLED community will show a lot of projects with this :blush:
    Your imagination is a limit :nerd_face:
    GitHub - srg74/WLED-ESP32-universal-controller: EPS32 universal controller for WLED project and many more

Best regards
Aka @serg74