Esp32wroom broad with ky-037/ky-038 WLED not work

Can i get some help, my soundreactive not work. i think my pin connection is correct as follow

A0 <> GPIO36

LED ws2812s
V+ <> +
Gnd <> Gnd
D0 <> GPIO 2

Look at Home · atuline/WLED Wiki · GitHub

any hints for my setting?

If your hardware not in the list it’s not supported.

I was finally able to get your setup to work with the squelch at 0, gain at 255, and a lot of fiddling around with the KY-037 module sensitivity. I learned that it probably works best to turn the screw CCW until the led goes out, the CW from there until you get a response.
I also seem to prefer the ‘vivid’ setting for the Automatic Gain Control in the sound settings.

Hope this helps