ESP8266 - different LEDs on same ESP

can I control a strip of WS2812B and a string of WS2811 on the same ESP or I need to different ESP?


Can I also control an LED panel 2427 with an ESP8266 with Wled?

I am a rookie to all this, got my first ESP/LED running last night, feeling like a kid at Christmas!!!

Thank you very much for your assistance.


You can control them both on one output. The issue may Be color order. Color order between the two strings are sometimes different. If they are then your colors would not match.

hey! thank you!!!

when you say “one output” do you mean having them on the same pin (join together) s on the ESP? or the string and the strip on the same ESP but both using different pins?

regardless, If I understand you properly, If I have an extra ESP I should use it to have better control ?

Just tried connecting them on their own ESP and does not work…
wifi/wled discover the WS2811 but will not power them on.

of what I read on the forum others have experienced same problem…