ESP8266 vs WeMos D1 Mini

I am once again going to show my infancy in electronics but I am learning…
I was using the ESP8266 successfully loading WLED with etcher. I tried the same process with a WeMos D1 mini and etcher could not find the board. Is the D1 mini not a stand alone solution? Thanks for your help!

Usually people more successful with ESPhome flashing tool


Etcher? Unless I am missing something (and I frequently do), Etcher is a program for writing iso images to SD cards – something you do to make a bootable SD for a Raspberry Pi (etc.).
I use a Python app called PyFlasher to write the .bin file to the ESP. There are versions for Mac & Windows. I have used it for several different projects (WLED, Tasmota, etc) with both Node MCU and D1 Mini.

Both NodeMCU boards and D1 Minis use the “same” processor (ESP8266).