Which Esp8266 is better for ws2812b rgb ring 16bit (nodemcu v3 vs D1mini )?

Hi …How are you ? …for the last year I tried to operate a project which is in the picture on nodemcu v3 and I didnot work …I ask dozens of questions and I try all the answers (pull up resistors,chang power supply , capacitors ,…etc ) and it still didnot work although the auther of the project recommend nodemcu v3 if I didnot find D1mini in stores …but it didnot work …on colleague tried with D1 mini like he did (that is his representation ) and he confirmed the project work on D1mini …I didnot know why but I decided to purchase D1mini and throw away nodemcu as I really fed up (I already learning alot due to the lots of issues comes from that but that is enough )

but before I purchase is that really differ as I donnot want to loss more money or time(also I know there are different types of the same board like esp8266 D1 mini has also different type or submodels) …do D1mini differ from nodemcu …and why ? do it will really work for that project ?

is the submodels of esp8266 D1Mini can have different effects on the same project that one type works for project and the other type cannot work on the same project as their abilities are different

what about Esp32 do it works for all projects and the same project built on esp8266 can work on esp32 without changing in the code ?

i woudt use the WEMOS D1 mini

only a 24Node Ring is pretty overdone on that

IF you plan for Individuell programming use a ARDUINO UNO / Nano

Either Esp8266 in NodeMCU form or in D1 Mini form will work. They are the same processor this (Esp8266) They are just placed on different boards, exposing different pin layouts. You may want to look at: Getting Started - WLED Project

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no I use 4 units one master and 3 notmasters