Which model number should I get for ESP32 and ESP8266

I’m a total NOB about everything when it comes to getting the right components to build the various drivers to uses in my project, but when I read about systems using either ESP32 and ESP8266. board to run my rgb lights set up they don’t mention which model I should uses in building theses drivers. So can anyone please tell me which model number I should get? Thanks Austin Lynch

In general ESP32 is the way to for maximum flexibility, number of LED’s and speed.
Cost is only a few $ difference.

As to which board to choose, it largely depends on how hands-on you are with electronics and electricity in general. Many like the Digi series of pre-configured boards as they can simplify connections to strips and addin things like fuses.

On the other hand, I prefer standalone ESP32 boards like the Devkit-C and others because I use them for other things than WLED.

Personally I only use ESP8266 in some very specific pre-made devices, my favorite is the SP511E controllers for static (or mostly) Xmas light displays.

For ESP8266 best is to get WeMos D1 mini or NodeMCU form factor (ESP8266-12F).
Similarly you should be looking for WeMos D1 mini32 form factor or NodeMCU (?) with ESP32-WROOM module (32D or 32E)
There is no benefit in getting WROVER module but it does work. S2, C3 & S3 are not yet officially supported and may not work ATM.

I hope you meant Noob, short for newbie. If so then I can identify as a hardware noob as well!

The exact description from Amazon for the boards I bought was “ Teyleten Robot ESP32S ESP32 ESP-WROOM-32 Development Board 2.4GHz Dual-Core WiFi +Bluetooth 2 Function Microcontroller for Arduino (ESP32 30P, 3PCS)”

I paid $20USD for three. I have used two of them so far without issue I used the web install to upload the code to the board. I used the OTA update to install the sound reactive code to one of the boards ( after a failed attempt via usb.

I am watching them now. 180 LEDs in Aluminum channel attached to a 11 piece of wood. It is sitting across my fireplace mantel but it will go on my den wall after I solder up the dev board and quit playing around with it.


I’m a total NOB
I hope you meant Noob


Oh, and for those of you not from the UK wondering why we find this funny…