Ethernet Connection

Hello, i’m after some help with trying to connect my ESP32 Feather Board to a wired Ethernet connection.
I’ve managed to install 0.12.0 and can get that working over WiFi, but i can’t get it to connect to the wired connection - what am i doing wrong.

I’m using a ESP32 Feather board with a W5500 Feather wing, see photos.
My assumption is that this board is not compatible…

Any help would be gratefully received :slight_smile:

Try the latest release [0.13.0.b2] which I believe has better support for wired connections. You can also search this discourse site for posts by @Aircookie detailing how to configure WLED for ethernet and also make sure the wifi does not try to pick up if the ethernet connection drops for a minute.

Hi Huggy-d1,
thanks for the info, i’ve tried 0.13.0.b2 but still not getting a connection. I’ve also tried changing the pin for LED output as documented in another post - this didn’t work either.

Regarding Ethernet Type, i’ve tried all the settings, but mainly trying everything using ESP32-POE (although i don’t have a POE connection) is this the right one to be using?

Other settings,
Network Name and Network Password, i’m leaving blank
Static IP - i’m leaving blank
Static Gateway - i’m leaving blank
Client IP always says Not Connected.

Are we able to confirm that the ESP32 Feather Board and Feather Wing will work?

Thanks for you help so far,
Try the WLED_0.x.x_ESP32_Ethernet.bin for whatever release you want, like WLED_0.13.0-b3_ESP32_Ethernet.bin which can be found here: Releases · Aircoookie/WLED · GitHub (easily located in the right-pane of the WLED wiki).

Hi, sorry I should have mentioned that i’m already using
And tried
But still not getting a connection,

From Adafruit’s site:

the WIZ5500 chip communicates over SPI plus a single CS pin

I don’t believe any SPI-based ethernet is supported in WLED today. I believe only boards based on LAN8720 (and maybe TLK110) are supported.

Here’s one option:
16MB board and shield

I just bought a handful of each, and am quite pleased. These high-quality boards avoid an issue many ESP32 clones have with under-rated voltage regulators.

Caution: The WT32-ETH01 boards, while cheap, have not been particularly reliable for me, and have randomly exhibited boot problems for others.

Hi Henrygab,
thanks for the info - that may be where i’m going wrong. I’ll order a couple of the TwilightLord _ESP32’s and see how i get on with those.

Thanks again

A word of warning.
When you enable Ethernet make sure you don’t configure WiFi or your ESP might occasionally connect to WiFi instead of Ethernet.

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Thanks blazoncek,
yep nothing in the WiFi setting section - but still not getting a connection. I think it’s the make of board that’s causing me issues - i’ve tried everything to get it to work!

Just got my ESP32 ETH01 functioning today via LAN. It was a pain, but working.
WI-Fi settings
Network name & Password = Blank
Static IP =
Gateway = your router or switch’s IP address (this hung me up because I am using a switch)
Subnet = usually
All settings configured via ESP’s AP (make sure the LAN cable is disconnected during this process)
Hope this helps someone.