Examples of my favorite techniques in action

I’ve gone on about my ideas for powering and data driving long(ish) strings in a few posts so I thought I’d give some examples that demonstrate my ideas:

Some of the converters that power the string.

This is a 500LED 50m string I created by zip tying 10 strings to an 18/2 power “backbone”.
I hung 24V-5V buck converters at strategic points for power injection. I’ve driven this with Tx-Rx pairs, but this year I’m experimenting with an SP511E directly connected. The string is about 6 years old now and holding up pretty well.

Similar tree string with 600LED’s, converters and a heavy 14/2 backbone.
I “doubled” the pixels back to back so it’s only 30m long.
It didn’t give the “look” of increased density so I think I’ll take this one apart and go for extra length rather than density.

Both those trees are driven from a single 24V 10A PS

There’s two different styles of strings here.
The Red perimeter string (~200 LED’s) and RRGGWW garage door string (64 LED’s) are driven with converter injection off a 24V bus, data is via RS485 so the controller can live inside while those lights stay up year round.

The three “coach” lights are modifications of existing fixtures.
I took out the 120V components and added Sk6812RGBW rings, there’s a highlight that gives you an idea of how they’re done.
The “big” light near the front door is 56 LED’s and the 2 at the front are 16.
The rings have their own converter as well as a Rx-Tx pair wired onboard.
That way they have reliable power and can receive AND transmit RS485 data.
I use 22/4 wiring for these as there’s typically less than 1.5A across the whole 20m 24V bus.

Further example of perimeter (375 LED’s RS485 data, 12V converted) and coach lights (6 Lights, 16LED’s, RS485 data, 5V converted) all running off a single 24V bus.

Inside our amenity room, the “party” (and room) lighting.
Runs from the center of the room to 4 corners and the 4 wall perimeter.
A string of 450+ Sk6812RGBW lights tied to a 24V backbone with converter-injectors added throughout the string as required.
I’ve shown a close up of a single converter.
To give you an idea of scale, the pixel show on the right is 1cm.


One of my favourite “re-uses” of a fixture.
That’s one of those solar powered garden lights that usually lasts a season or two, then dies so you’re forever buying new ones.
I removed the guts and added an Sk6812 RBGW 16LED ring with converter, RS485 pair.
You can power a string of 6 off simple 22/4 wiring and 18-24V power over at least 40m.

Hope that gives you some ideas…

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So you are one of those led nuts we see here ?! But dnt worry you have company
I cant believe you have been hiding all of this but I see you have been busy bee .

I love what you did outside the house and on the trees and if this survives the winter then
for sure It is a stable setup and I want to know every little details you have done to make it

Great work