Favorite Plug Connectors

This is a question in the low-tech end of the hardware, but, something that I am having trouble finding a happy solution to. I am wondering what people are happily using as plug connectors for 5V and 12V moderate amperage (up to say 10 amp) power (ie. 2 pin). Also, interested in any 3 pin (ie. power and data) options as well. My focus is outdoor Holiday lighting (some permanent, some tear down). So far I am not really happy with the standard strip connectors nor other options I have tried. I do have a couple 3 pin, 10 amp dock connectors on order to try. They are a little pricier, but, if they assemble and work smooth and handle the current, I may may have to get a few more.
Let me know what works for you.

Most use Ray Wu or X-Connect for 3-pins.

Thanks for the info/suggestion. I did some looking - definitely looks like the type of product I am looking for. I would love a 10A rating - these seem to be “a little” lower. Do you have a suggestion as to where I might source these. I am from Canada so “economical” sources may limited. Adders for shipping seem to greatly vary.

Not sure about Canadia. Google?

For higher power, look at RC-car battery connectors.

Ah - yes - I did the “Google” before posting my note. Even Aliexpress who have a Ray Wu store, do not have a Ray Wu pigtail connector. I did find it at “Wired Watts”, however, they only talk about shipping to the US - I did send them an inquiry. Thought there may be some other “known” options.

I think the name of another place is Wally’s lights.

Thanks - they don’t have website info on selling/shipping to Canada. I left them inquiry so will wait and see. I see sever items that sell with the Ray Wu connector attached, however, I need the product that allows me to connect it to my controller(s) and extension cables…
I will keep hunting or find an alternative - thanks again.

Finally found some 3 pin (waterproof) X-connect pigtails that I now have on order. When doing some research on what 2 pin connections people use for power injection, I see a number of people use automotive waterproof connectors for both 2 pin and 3 pin applications with their LED’s.
I would be interested in any comments on using these connectors (and example of the 2 pin follows - Canadian dollars).