High Power leds / spotlights

Suppose you want to light up a bigger object.
Does anybody happen to know if there are some sort of spotlights / poollights / tiles / high power leds to be connected yourself in diffrent positions AND have the full set of color options with WLED?

We have been searching already but it seems a product like this based on ws2812b / ws2815 / etc. is not available (yet).

  • Hue based lights are 220V and we try to avoid that
  • it shoud be fairly tamper-proof (obviously)
  • IP67 waterproof
  • it should be completely programmable

And yes, this is a real project.
So any help is appreciated and results/pics are shared here as wel :slight_smile:

Yep. One example…

Yes indeed… It seems the chip is key, not the led.
Thanks. Hope to find more suitable armatures though…

There is this dot light https://shop.ulrichradig.de/Module/Light-Control-DMX/3-Watt-DOT-i-ntelligent-WS2812-kompatibel.html

an array of them with maybe lenses and lots of clear resin.
for underwater you need IP68 with specified water depth

Thanks, we ordered couple of these. Quite bright indeed.
Now looking for armature :slight_smile: