Solid Apollo LED

Hello, I’ve found videos of WLED and how it works. I’m definitely intrigued. I’m new to this and have a ton of questions. Pool company just finished the job I have LED lights in the pool and outside. Unfortunately I have to use two different devices. A remote and my phone. I want to get the ESP32 chip and run the outer LED light strips.

Does anyone know if the ESP32 chip is compatible with the Solid Apollo LED lights? Or if there’s a different chip or device I can use with WLED.

Here are the specs from their site

UL Listed UL Listed E493881
Dimmable Yes
Minimum cut 3.94in (100mm)
LED Color RGB Color Changing plus White
Color Temperature (kº) White 6000K
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 80
Lumens Total RGB: 1650, White: 2160
Total LEDs 300
LEDs per Foot 18
Input Voltage 24V
Watts per Foot 4.4W
Watts per Spool 72W
LED Type SMD 5050
Beam Angle 120º
Warranty 5 Years
Weight 1.30 lbs
Dimensions 16.4’ x 0.56 x 0.22
IP Rating IP67
Product Color White PCB
Working Temperature -4F to 122F
Certificates UL, CE, RoHS

Could be analog, or digital, or some combination.
Have to see how their controller connects to the strip or get some more info to know for sure.

Can you change adjacent pixels to different colours or is it one colour for the whole strip (plus white)?

In either scenario, WLED should be able to drive the strip, it’ll will just have different hookup requirements for each.

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Thank you for you time. Do you think the ESP32 chip set will work? Or do you recommend something different?

The ESP32 is definitely where you want to go, but (for now) I’d avoid the more problematic S2, and C versions.

Take a look at the KB: Getting started.
For some ideas of what it takes to connect to addressable vs analog LEDs.