Govee Floodlights - WLED Control

Hi All,

I’ve managed to get WLED to control my new Govee Floodlights ((Govee RGBICWW LED Smart Flood Lights – UK-GOVEE) - using this writeup: Reddit - Dive into anything - I was able to modify it slightly for the floodlights, as they appear to have a similar ‘dual driver’ setup.

Firstly, set your LED preferences to the following:

  • WS281x - Color Order GRB and Length to 8.

Note that the colour order is set to GRB. There are 8 segments as each Floodlight has 2 LED’s.

Then you need to set your segments to separate out the white and colour LED’s:

You’ll see I’ve separated out the odd LED’s as the RGB, but repeat for the 4 lights.

To make this persistent - save a pre-set to ID 16, and then back in your LED settings, make sure it loads pre-set 16 on boot and voila - you have WLED controlled floodlights.

Hope that helps someone!


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Wouldn’t it be easier with setting up an LED map?

Possibily, although I’m not that experienced with WLED to get that working - so the above way was just how I did it at the time

hi there ,
ive got the H7060 4 pack ,
1st set was dead on arrival and just got sent a replacement put up the 2nd ,all good though just changed the loom not the lights
looks like the controller or power is f’ed
on the wiring did you bypass all the control and power and supply your own ,? can see its a 24v supply on mine ,looking to use as wall floods and what to run in conduit on the wall also bypassing the power brick and have a small enclosure


I used the power supply that came with it and then used a Buck convertor and some WAGO’s to connect it all together - if you cut the controller out - the input will have a red and black wire (line and neutral) and then the output will have red, black and white (line, neutral and data) - just join all the red wires together, black wires together on the 24v side of the supply, and then plug the ESP into the 5v side, along with the white data wire and you should be good to go :slight_smile:

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although Govee does have a large product lineup, if you just want “flood lights” like this. I would highly recommend these lights. They are WS2811 flood lights in the same form factor. They use absolutely no goofy proprietary app or hardware that you need to modify though. You wire it and use it just like it was a single pixel led. Each flood light is a single light and the plugs are made so you can either use it as a single light or chain as many as you want together. It looks like they even use the same screw on waterproof connectors. I’ve had some of these 10w ones for 2 years and they have been great! Run your 12/24v and your data line from your esp board and thats it! They’re way better IMO.

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to be honest ,if it wasn’t for the govee lights i would have gone for zigbee ,but i like the ones you’ve shown but dont think there available in the uk ?
i also like that ,the govees’s are quite compact with just the lense ,if you know what i mean

I’m trying to set these up very similarly. RBG works fine but warm white and cold white (color temperature) seems to be reversed. Did you have the same issue or know what might be going on?

I wanted to follow-up on my post because this doesn’t work as seamlessly as you might expect. WS281x protocol does not support white. Govee has implemented this with the second set of LEDs in each floodlight (as the author mentioned) used red/green channels for cold/warm white. This means that they won’t operate as expected using color temperature.

My indexing is also different, with white being the first channel and RGB being the second. OP likely has the LEDs set as reverse order.