First time WLED through counter lighting

This is my first time using WLED. It’s everything I was going to try to do and much more. Perfect for me to be able to hand off to a non-tech person or customer for easy app controlled lighting.

My only issue so far will hopefully be fixed tonight when I tweak and compile it manually. 1500 led limit.

I already had the light board built and installed before I found WLED. The data line is not accessible now that it is installed. I was using an esp8266 with the fast led library and the patterns hard coded during testing so didn’t realize that 3610 leds was going to be a problem.

I have upgraded to an esp32 so don’t expect any problems. I don’t need fast frame rates.!

First time using this many leds, first time doing through lighting a countertop. 5x8 Island. I usually do edge lit acrylic signs.

esp8266 minus a couple of the rows.

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Very unusual setup. Question is why do you need more then 1500 LEDs? What is density of your LED strip?

That looks amazing!
What kind of mineral stone is it?

@srg74 i guess that many are needed so that the light appears uniform. And it is easier to lay the LEDs in a matrix layout even beneath the opaque parts.

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The obvious answer to your question is I have more than 1500 leds. 3610 to be exact.

When I was building it I was testing with an esp8266 using fastled library and all my patterns hard coded. It’s update rate was slow. But still perfect for the project.

I had planned on upgrading to esp32 all along. So wasn’t worried about the web interface eating to many resources. And could always move up to a raspberry pi if needed.

I tried soulmate but wasn’t able to get past a few hurdles fast enough. (all instruction are for a mac and on an older release of espressif ide, that was where I got tripped up.)

But then I discovered WLED project. It is better than what I had planned on trying to build and the only problem I have is the limit on how many leds I can control with one esp. Had I known about WLED and its 1500 led limit in advance I would have build the led matrix where I could get at the data line in multiple places. Hindsight and all that. I learned alot on this project that will be fixed going forward. But none of that helps me know.

All I need to do is up the limit to 3650 in all the appropriate places in the code so I can compile it and load my esp32 up.

I found the 1500 limit and changed it to 3650 in const.h, but apparently their are more locations to change. I am looking for them now and would greatly appreciate any help in this. I am in crunch time to get this done.

Line 76 in html_settings.h :slight_smile: Good luck, I believe no one has tried that many LEDs before

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It is a granite top with Quartz mixed in.

The biggest reason for the unseen leds is this is the second slab.
The first broke in transport. So I made it so a third slab would be able to be used.

I am using 60 LED/meter strips. It would have been only slightly harder to wire with only the quartz sections lit. More soldering.

I am loving your WLED so far. So much better than what I had planned in the beggining.
I have spent way to much time fixing a problem. I still don’t have the first two rows lit from that mistake after slab install. but you can really tell unless you know where to look.

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Awesome! Thank you so much! While this portion has been a little frustrating. I have learned alot.

Compiling now!

That did the trick. I will upload the results when I go install the new brain!


New brain was installed and it worked beautifully!

Then I hardware killed it again.
But the silver lining is that I now know why my first two rows would not work and it is fixable.

I only took short videos of it working. But I can’t load videos.
After the final fix I will upload to youtube and then can point to that.