Freeze on power failure

Hello everyone,

I have 2 nodemcu flashed with same version of wled. Both are connected to same power supply. When a power failure occur, one come back no problem, the other always freeze and require me to go press reset on it. Bot have a relay connected to the same pin. One have a button (the one without any problem).

Does anyone have an idea of what’s going on? Is it a faulty nodemcu?

I flashed it today with latest version with a erase first, and got a power outage about 9 hours later and same problem, it’s frozen again in a weird state.

Thank you

How long are power outages? If they are short the second controller may not be fully resetting this it gets lost.

Short and long one. The last one lasted several minute and now even reset is not enough. It start and the green light on it stay on.

Something weird this time happened, but I recall it’s not the first time. I walk to it and tried reset, didn’t work. I pull the USB power cord, waited a minute and plug back, same state. I proceed to connect to my laptop where I had tasmotizer ready to reflash. Hit refresh, the nodemcu light turned off. I disconnect, reconnect the nodemcu to power and bam, it work. I didn’t flash anything. It’s really weird. It’s like if it was stuck in flash mode or something? I can remote restart it without any trouble, really weird.