Getting WLED grouped

Hello i have a problem that i installed a 204 LED strip in my kitchen everything works fine.
But I have a problem to get the Segments runned solo and grouped!

Example my LED Strip is over Table 1 (Vibrationsensor on Table 1 sets to true (It works over IoBroker))
So turn on LED 0-46
Table 2 same (other vibrationsensor)
LED 46-112 turn on
Table 3 same
112-204 LED turn on

Im also using the whole 0-204 LED at nighttime to get a nice light in my kitchen

Im running in to an issue that i cant turn on only segments (yeah i know they reset if the ESP resets)
but presets also dont work. So is there any workaround or a misstake that i can
controll 3 segments individual and also the whole led at night?

I think its not an IoBroker issue because i cant controll my idea via the Webinterface on WLED.

Save presets and your segments will be saved too.
Use another preset which will turn segment on or off (use JSON API).