Giving away Wled to friend and wifi stopped working!

Giving away Wled to a friend and the wifi stopped working!
He can not use it i changed namn and wifi pass ti his wifi in the app.

On his network use a phone or tablet to look for the WLED-AP access point.
If that appears, then WLED can’t find a WiFi connection and creates the AP.
Login to the AP and go to the config for WiFi.

Try and reenter the WiFi SSID and password for your friends network.
Capitalization matters for both the SSID and the password.

and make sure they don’t have special characters. That can mess with it connecting.

Thanks i appreciate the support!
Unfortunately i did not save Ap pass or consider the possibility to use it.

I think could be wrong password from his side before i sent it to him.
The thing is hardware is mess too reflash.
I need to make new one for him.
Or get it back.

Next one i will write :writing_hand: the pass and namn for logging in with new WiFi module.