Govee API integration with WLED

There has been some work in HA as well as Homebridge for Govee integration using the LAN API(, however, what I am looking for is if anyone has created a usermod to make the govee lights a segment directly in WLED by making the API calls. This way WS28xx lights that are directly connected to my ESP32 could sync and run effects with existing Govee lights without hardware modification. Specific use case I have is that I would like to run my current 12v ws2811s and ws2815s (12v) with the 24v flood light options from Govee since the spotlight options are limited or need to be custom built. I am not a fluent programmer and have attempted from samples, but fail miserably. Any assistance would be appreciated.

I am aware of the Govee limit for the cloud API calls(10 per device per minute/10000 total per day), however, I am not sure if there is a limit per the local lan calls.

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I am also interested in this topic. However, I also am not a fluent programmer. How do we make this a feature request?