GPIO specifications for Electrodragon ESP LED in latest WLED builds

For quite awhile, I was using a compiled variant of .11 to work with my analog LED’s. Upon upgrading to the .13 binary on then WLED site, I found that the way RGB’s are handled in the interface had changed. Instead of merely checking the “LEDs are 4-channel type (RGBW):” checkbox in the LED setup menu, I was now being asked to input 3-4 GPIO values.

As I’m using the Electrodragon ESP Light (ESP LED Board HDK - ElectroDragon), I consulted this page regarding GPIOs (Electrodragon ESP LED Strip Board, Mosfet Drive LED Controller Configuration for Tasmota). This led me to believe the answer was something like 15/14/13, but while that did power the lights, it also caused a buzzing noise, making me think I’d gone wrong somewhere.

So my question is - what default for GPIOs did that old checkbox invoke? I haven’t found an obvious answer either in the WLED source or the documentation for my board.

It seems to me that having an intelligent default in the prior version was better than the current iteration of “pick a sequence of 3-4 random numbers between 1 and 30.”

The specs the manufacturer of Electrodragon provided should be entered into GPIO fields in WLED.
Nothing else.

If you hear “whining” noise it may be due to PWM frequecy used. ESP8266 has about 880Hz (audible) whereas ESP32 has much higher frequency of about 19500Hz (barely audible).
If you want to change that you will need to compile WLED from source.

That information on the PWM frequency good to know. I’m unsure what the base of my previous custom-compiled build was, but it’s only after the upgrade that I hear the loud whining.

Unfortunately, the Electrodragon, despite copious documentation, didn’t have the information I’d need to determine the correct GPIO’s. I just have a few sketchy forum posts and guesswork. Hopefully, nothing too destructive comes of a few hundred rounds of trial and error.

The GPIOs are in their docs. Also in there are the jumper settings that need to be correct.

Sorry, I should have been clearer. While they do mention GPIO’s generally (like GPIO0 - the button found on the board), they don’t address the connection points for the LED’s, which are not designated GPIO, but merely the conventional R, G, B, W, etc. If there’s a convention for referring to them with the GPIO numbering, I don’t know it.

I’m assuming my problems are software-based however, since my strip worked before I over-enthusiastically upgraded the WLED version. Aside from not knowing the defaults the old checkbox used, as another poster mentioned, the extremely loud buzzing is another issue I need to address under this updated version.

So my next steps here will be to root through the .11 source code for those defaults, find the adjustment for the PWM frequency for a possible custom compilation ( per the hints over at WLED as driver for 5mm warm white LEDs? · Issue #1347 · Aircoookie/WLED · GitHub ), and failing those, go back to .11.


JP2 is voltage selection.

I don’t recall hearing buzzing on mine.