6 Stripes Project Disco light at basement celling

I have setup a 6 Stripe WLED Project at the basement ceiling in my party room.
The layout from the stripes at the basement ceiling is a star around the mirrored disco ball in the middle of the room.
Parts and setup
ESP32 D1 Mini Wroom controller, 200W Powersource, 5V, WS2812 ECO LED Stripes in 6 Stripes,
No levelshifter, because 10cm cable to the stripe.
3 with 121 LED length, 1 with 57 Led, 2 with 85 Led, each stripe is controlled with diffrent GPIO,
I use GPIO 1, 2, 3, 4, 12 and 16, because they all on one side from the Pinout.
6 diffrent GPIOs because of better controll each stripe, in case of do some turns, like a helicoopter.
I setup after power on all Stripes in light orange, with some presets I controll each stripe,
videos are follow in the Projects category
With the WLED v0.13.1 it runs fine, no glitches, no dark LEDs or somethings else.
I also connect a microphone, GY-MAX4466 to the board, to run sound effects.
with the latest soundreactive soundReactive_WLED_0.13.0-b6_ESP32.bin
there are some glitches an instable LEDs at the GPIO 1, 2, 3, 4 if the setting is to default and solid color
GPIO 12 and 16 runs more stable, but not all time.
The sound reactive effects are cool and running, no problems at all.
Does someone has the same problem?

  1. Question.
    I’m not the code freak at all,
    the jason APi is part at the WLED Project, right?
    Or have I to create and compile my own WLED Project with phyton?

The json API is a core piece of WLED and requires no extra code. Check out the docs: kno.wled.ge-JSON API.

Some people have used extra code or an external program (such as Homeassistant) to talk to the API in special applications but that’s not required just to use the API in general.