Hardware for 24V analog PWM

Hi, I’m looking for hardware which can do 25 kHz+ PWM on 24V analog LED strips. I’m just trying to control brightness of a white LED strip.

I’ve found that QuinLED-Quad does this, but I have never done SMD soldering and if possible I’d look for something which does not require SMD soldering. Either a pre-build module or a non-SMD PCB. What are my options?

I have some Wemos D1 Minis around, so if that helps I can use those.

100% flicker-free operation is a must, I’d like at least 25 kHz PWM.

Hi @hyperknot. I’ve just set up something similar. My setup is a display cabinet with 24v analog LEDs inside the cabinet (driven by PWM) and SK6812 LED strips behind the cabinet illuminating the wall. To control it all I’m using WLED on an ESP32 board (your Wemos D1 Mini should work just the same).

I use an N-channel mosfet to convert a 3.3v PWM signal from the ESP32 to 24v PWM for the analog LEDs. I’ve made a custom usermod for WLED which sets the PWM duty cycle for the 24v LEDs based on the current WLED master brightness. Nothing fancy. Clean and simple, and I’m getting no flicker on the analog LEDs.

Just thought I’d chime in. Although the SMD soldering seems a bit alien to most, I think once you’d done/tried it, especially with the addition of a 30$ hot air station to your arsenal, you’ll come to love it! I actually find it much easier then soldering some through-hole models. The parts all just magically align!

Did you check out the soldering tutorial videos I’ve done? For the QuinLED-Quad those where using an iron but I used a hot air station in my Dig-Quad tutorial just to show how easy it can be! The boards are specifically made to be constructed by hand, otherwise I would have gone and used much smaller parts! :slight_smile:

p.s. Doing 25kHz with WLED on the QuinLED-Quad works perfectly btw :slight_smile:

Yes, that will be the route I’ll take. I’ve asked my friend who is experienced in soldering and can help me and he said that the Quad doesn’t look difficult to solder at all.