Help with ESP32 random reboots

So about three weeks ago I purchased two ready to go WLED controllers on amazon, one with a ESP32 and the other with a ESP8266. The one with the ESP32 sometimes does a random reboot/reset meaning it goes to the default orange color. I when to the settings and toggled the “Turn LEDs on after power up/reset:”, it still does the reboot but now instead of turning on its turning off. I purchased another controller to see if maybe I received a faulty one but the new one its doing the same thing. Now I decided to build my own controller with a new ESP32 hoping that the controllers are the ones with the issue, but even with the ESP32 that I flashed its doing the same thing. I think it might have something to do with my router since they all seem to reboot around the same time. Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong?

Post a diagram of your setup:

  1. General layout with distances
  2. Power supply(s)
  3. LED type and total count
  4. ESP32 GPIOs used
  5. Levelshifter and type
  6. Version of WLED

@Rokstarx Welcome you might flash via
Direct from Browser a Fresh ESP Version
Orange means there is no PRESET Did you make a PLAYLIST
You can set the STURTUP indey to a Playlist or Preset in the CONFIG LED Prederences section

The problem is that it reboots, not what gets displayed when it does…

He shoudt provide a Screenshot from the INFO screen on browser lockin
to get better background info

Mine does that… glitch reboot…

Im assuming its a memory and power issue for me.

2000 od leds 5v 30a psu. When them leds get rowdy im assuming leds are taking the currant from the esp32 dropping it below its sensitive operating voltage. Its on the same power line as the leds.

Then reboots a preset i had to create that was low in brightness and a simple preset otherwise id expext a loop glitch.

Im umming about increasing potential currant…40a or 50a psu methinks… not that id expect to run it hard but i think more head room is needed for the currant drops on a 48x48 matrix

@Cyberdine put a Capaciter at least 2200uF 16V (5Vpsu) or 35V(12Vpsu) on the ESP Vin GND
this might help the ESP over the Glitch

Using a separate 5V 2A supply for the ESP is a simple way of isolating out power issues.
Make sure to use a dedicated ground and data line from the ESP32 to the LEDs.

The first initial ones i purchased was this plug and play amazon controller.

The first one i have it controlling the Govee outdoor lights for a little project inside my house, they come with a 36v power supply but i use a 36v to 12v converter since the controller takes 24v max. The second one I purchased i have no LEDs plugged in, I basically just got it to see if it the first controller was faulty, that one i just have it to a 12v power supply. And lastly for my DIY ESP32 i am using the usb C port to turn it on, that one also doesn’t have any LED’s connected i just been monitoring through the WLED app and its also doing the reeboot.

It was suggested by another mentor… to get these…

So got a few… but i wasnt so clear on how to “wire” them in… apart from him saying to put one on the back of each panel… didnt say how… or maybe he did… and i didnt understand.

But to be fair i have 2 16x16 panels esp32 sharing 10a 5v power supply… and when adjusting brightness up will crash esp…as panels do that stary night thing with randon bright white leds lit. So have to reduce limiter to just 3000. Defo gets dimmer in performance but less crashy
Would this capacitor thing sort this on both? Or is it more complex than that .

Respect for your replies by the way. … appreciate the insight.

Hi, do you mean inline with its ground? Im assuming theres a "polarity " to this capacitor… assuming the side with the giant MINUS(lol) symbol is negative.

So in series?

If you’re getting random reboots without LEDs attached, that points to a software/version/configuration issue.

The other possibility is a bad ESP board or a bad flash of the chip.

Thanks for that.

When you mean dedicated .

I have 9 panels…
1 pin to each set from esp pins.

Becouse its all wire together. And the grounds tied

So the data lines off the board go to the first panels in the set of 3

Are you saying to also another ground from esp to each panel? Thats gonna look like a massive cobweb…lol

Isnt it getting that from the ground from the power negative that the same thats going to panels…?

15 on aliexpress

The dedicated data ground will eliminate noise/sags/fluctuations that appear on the ground lines due to rapid switching of LEDs.

The data wires can be much lighter wiring than your power connections.
Typical data lines need only be 26AWG wire, so a dedicated data ground can be quite small.

Thanks for that .

So … to impliment…

If i spliced a ground from esp grounds… .then 9 fingers from that to the power negs on each panelnthat will do?..

And the capacitors?

You may be able to get away with a single data ground line.

As far as capacitors, that’s not a particularly good solution for power issues.
You’ll get far better results with proper power wiring to make sure you can get sufficient power to all parts of your setup.

Its like we’re talking down t’ pub

By saying what your saying… im thinking …

running one from the esp and trying it on the ground on each panel… to possibly see where the “noise” is or more stability… is that wled “logic” ?

I’m learning Obey Wan …I’m learning lol

Ok but what are the chances of me getting two pre installed WLED controllers and a ESP32 flashed by me to have the same issue? The controllers came with WLED version 0.13.3, i updated the first one to 0.14.3, but when I started having issues and ordered the second one i kept that one on 0.13.3 to see if maybe it was a firmware issue, and the problem still persist.