Help with my cob leds

parts list
3: 12v 3amp power supply

data on light strips to D2 on esp32
ground from power supply to light strips and esp32
12v from power supply to light strips

version of wled:

led preference:
Enable automatic brightness limiter: on
Maximum PSU Current: 3000
mA/LED: 30mA (typ. 12V)
Colors: RGB
length: i have tried 30, 60, 90, and 120 to test

for the life of me, i cant get this cob 12v led strips to turn on, i have tried an esp32, esp8266, a different strips, GPIO 4, i have tried it without the power supply, but nothing works. can someone please help me? i have posted this on the discord server but no one has helped

ESP powered from USB?
also, for 12V strips you need a levelshifter.
plus: for testing/debugging, keep wires as short as possible.

Hi and welcom here

the COB might not be what it look like
and also the ESP may be a different as it showes
PLEASE upload some images with detailed part writing

why is there 14.4 ion the system please autoflash via the install webside
the autoflasher will ident the chip used and maybe can flash the newest version

#1 I would try gpio 16
#2 Make sure you are connected to the input end of the strip (data only flows 1 direction)
#3 You will likely need a level shifter (but I would expect ‘something’ to light before needing it)

yeah the esp32 is powered via usb

what do you mean the COB, is not what it looks like. i will send photos of everything when i get home. also the reason i have the 14.4 version of wled is because it was the newest stable version, and i flashed it from the website

trying out gpio 16 didnt help, and i havent tried the level shifter yet. but i agree with you that i shoulve seen something light up before even installing it

For the heck of it try setting total LEDs to 2 in WLED and see if any light up.

LOL nothing happened, i got sick of trying the esp32 and esp 8266 so i caved in and brought a controller
im praying to god its not my led strips

lol. It could be the strip :upside_down_face:

specifically a level shifter to bring the 3.3v data pin on the esp up to the 5v data that the led strip requires. i found that the 12v pixels needed this step more than 5v pixels.

not a good choice for a controller, Gledopto have many reported problems as it is not properly designed.