Hi... Hello? I like to make people happy and smile!?

Howdy, I’ve turned wled into a wearable device. I’m actually looking to improve my ability to use wled more effectively. I primarily use it for entertainment and dance effects.

This is an awesome thing, I was very curious about being able to usernod, would there be a way to attach a microphone to sense say… Music, and be able to adapt a bass beat to set the clock speed of the led timing? Not only a microphone, maybe a heartbeat/pulse sensor?

Or!!! How about adding a thermal sensor to register temperature (body temperature) and be able to control the color profile for things that are temperature dependent.

Or!! I seen somewhere an input physical button, could we program it to change presets on button press, also the ability to script on off brightness and other system variables and led settings such as max current (amps/mah) etc

What about a record and playback feature for effects on a time schedule? (I’d use it for a dance routine)

Shock (vibration) or touch sensor?

And this is a far out idea, led mapping for poi or image or pixel playback, such as image display. (Density dependent of course)

As you can see, I have used wled in a way that is different than most uses. I’ve been working on durability and other aspects of my project such as battery life and such.

If you are curious, I run an esp32-s2-wroom, awesome chip!!

I await your replies, until then, you can find me at the local rave on the dancefloor!!

The sound-reactive branch is something you should look into.

For the rest, look around here.

Hi and awesome, I just found the forums so yea I assume others have put development in, I appreciate the help in pointing out that.

Variables variables variables… So many variables…