How im acess other led pins?

how i can acess button to other my board pin when pushed??
i have been add 2 pins of led output

please help me for example when button pressed im control 2nd strip pins only

In general, you use presets to define LED states and effects you want to display.
You can create a preset that displays on one or more different strips, whatever pin they have been defined on.
You choose which segment you want in a preset and then use your button to display that preset.

There are Json API commands you can embed in a preset to scroll between different presets or toggle one on and off (among other things).

Check out: JSON API - WLED Project

but i have other problem that i have 2 switch if i push button after that the 2 segments its out of sync. why??
how i can fix it?? even i press sync button

Be aware that sync is not exact across pins/segments.

yeah that issue problem / bugs