How to change the Orange colour upon powering up?

As per the title, how do I change the Orange colour upon powering up - in CODE?

I know it can be done via the Config UI but I’d like to alter it in the source - where can I find it please?

(I suspect I “can’t see the woods for the trees” atm)


Interesting. I’ve been doing it in wled.h.

WLED_GLOBAL byte col[]    _INIT_N(({ 230, 0, 255, 0 }));  // current RGB(W) primary color. col[] should be updated if you want to change the color.

You can also save a color as a preset and then make that the boot selection.

what does it mean? I need to do such stuff - change the primary color at boot.

Also, is it possible to set the colors to be displayed while turning onn by button?, e.g. now button turns off those colors/effect that has been last turned off. I need led to be turned on by button with PRIMARY colors.

Save whatever you want to Slot 1, then go to LED Setup and Change “Apply Preset x at boot” to 1.