How to connect to ESP32

Hey there,

after hours of trying I dont know what to do…
Can someone help me how I need to connect this Govee LED strip to the ESP32 that it works?

All videos I have seen there were only three wires of the strip. And the GPIO’s on my ESP have different names. I am totally confused…

the led strip does have a green and a white wire, connected to GND / black wire DO / red wire +5V
this wire goes to the “control-button” (its a bluetooth strip)
the power cable has just a red and a black wire.

I dont know where to put wich wire.

would be awsome if someone could help

The signal wire needs to be connected to the GPIO specified in the WLED setup. I am pretty sure GPIO2 is the default. On my ESP32, that’s pin G2.
On your picture it’s on the lower row, 5th pin from the left.
Check the wires on your LED strip.
Common pattern is black for the ground so the green/black wire might be the signal.

Please be careful, incorrect connection or drawing too much current through your controller will damage it.
How many leds are in the strip? You may need an external power source.
Lots of info both on here and elsewhere to keep you right