How to select the 24-key-old remotecontrol

It’s already in the “ir-codes.h” but I can’t find a way to activate it in the Web-UI.
Somebody an idea to get it to run?

Maybe here?

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Thank you for input!

That’s exact what I thought as much.
But I always ended up with nothing works or not everything works. So I tried a many Things …
I didn’t give up :wink:

After reading the “ir.cpp” I tried “key-24 RGB” and I found out, that I have to declare the first 4 presets for the the effect Keys. I don’t know, may be the preset’s have to be set because I use a analog LED Stripe.

So what I think, is that the software checks the receiving information for translation and take’s the correct part out of the “ir_codes.h” file. For me it look’s like for use the “key-24 old RGB” key-24 RGB has to be selected. Correct me if I’m wrong!

I think, my Problem was didn’t find a hint by reading the Doku.

So for me the problem is solved for now.

Thanks for Help!