How to use wled with multiple controllers

Hello everyone. I have two questions

(1) I recently built nine 12" vertical “light bars” that mount on the front edge of the dividers on a upper cabinet at my shop work bench. They are built out of aluminum extrusions and 1/4" clear acrylic that I sanded to make a “diffuser” for 12" long, 144 leds per meter led strips, which will be controlled by an Athom controller with preloaded wled. Thing is,I want all 9 of these light bars to display the same wled presets and playlists at the same time.Trouble is, I’m not exactly sure how to hook up all 9 wire sets to the controller. At first I thought I could hook all of the sets of wires in parallel… ie all 9 grounds to the controller ground, all 9 positive wires to the controller positive and all 9 data wires to the controller data. However I thought I would ask if this will work before actually trying it in case hooking it up like this might damage the controller. If this won’t work, any idea on how I can accomplish this?

(2) Ok, I’m really baffled how to configure the wled app to control multiple

controllers each using their own presets and play lists. Actually, I already semi figured it out for two controllers which control two led strips on a custom computer, each of which run different presets and playlists. Trouble is, every time I fire up the computer and the led strips, I have to go to wifi settings on my smartphone, connect the first controllers wifi, then open the wled app, then go to the preset page and select the desired preset or play list. Then I have to go through the whole prcess again for the second controller, which doesn’t always work
as intended, as some times the preset page for the first controller pops up and I don’t have a clue why. Also, sometimes the “new lightpage” pops up, where you give a new light a name and some URL or something. I only got one of these strips working by accident after watching a youtube about wled by Dr ZZZ who showed after hooking everything up you open a browser and enter " in the search bar, which appears to take you to the wled “welcome” page. I just guessed and entered the
on that “new light” URL field. To my surprise… it worked. However, what I have to go through just to turn these two led strips on is about as convoluted as it can be.

Here’s the deal though. I have 2 DigUno , 2 DigQuad and 4 Athom controllers that I want to control 16 different led strips around my shop using the wled app. But I don’t have a clue how to do it. I did see a little text on the right side of the preset page that says WLED, which when I click it takes me to a “wled INSTANCE” page, which I don’t have a clue what this is or how to set instances up.

If anyone has the patience to walk me through this stuff or link me to some tutorials I would be thrilled. Took me almost a year just to learn what a wifi access point really meant until

l someone finally took the time to explain it in depth. Ok guys, sorry for the long post but this is the only way I know to explain what it is I’m trying to find answers about.