HUGE Range of Effects

I was blown away when I started using WS2812FX a year or two ago and I saw all the awesome effects. When I flashed your firmware recently, I was just amazed that you had loads more effects than that! Great work! Lovely interface too. Amazing how much you have packed into 4MB and a very slow CPU!

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Actually it is 750k for ESP8266 and a bit less than 1300k for ESP32 (excluding usermods and extensions).


FYI 4MB is a luxury.

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Ooh! That’s even more impressive! :slight_smile:

I use the Wemos D1 Mini clones. How come in the Arduino IDE it’s shows “Flash size 4M” in the tools menu? Or is that an upgraded ESP8266 with extra storage added?

Flash size is 4M on most units. Though ESP01 only has 1M and is still OTA capable with special technique.

Flash is usually divided into 3 main chunks, code, OTA and FS.