Hyperion RaspberryPi Zero

Dear all,

iam completely new to the topic WLED.

I set up a bunch of lights using Philips Hue and RaspberryPi zero with Hyperion.

Could you give me please a complete understanding of the things?

I saw that it is possible to set up Hyperion with raspberry zero to an WLED controller.

But how I can set up a WLED controller?
I only find information about a ESP32 or ESP8266 so set up wled and the stripe needs to connect to that esp32.

Is it possible to have a esp32 with WLED running without any stripes connect only as a controller to use music synch?

So I want to realise that every philips hue light and Hyperion light will be synch to wled controller that iam able to synch all lights to music, which is currently not really possible with home assistant.

Iam running home assistant on a raspberry pi 4 as an smart home controller.

Thank you very much.

I found these YouTube Video Hyperion installed on a raspberry pi and on time: 11:00 he says, that it is available to use them via WLED by an WLED controller: