I do not see my ESP8266 in the WLED App

I have a bunch of ESP 8266 all over my house controlling LEDS. A couple of months ago I had to change my internet router and I have not been able to search for my ESP’s since. The gui gives them IP addresses and I even see a couple of them listed with my router. When I do a search or add manually my IOS app doesn’t find any of the ESPS. I have reflashed ESP’s as well as get new ones with no luck. Only way I can control them is through the self generated network. Any information is welcome and thank you in advance.

If you are seeing the self generated AP then those esp’s are not connecting to your network. Likely either you typed in the SSID/PW wrong or poor wifi signal due to long distance/interference. Disconnect all the ones you don’t see and connect them 1 at a time till you get them setup again.

I noticed that none of my WLEDs would connect to my router unless I turned on legacy 802.11b compatibility. Check your new router wifi settings, most likely in an advanced config tab, and see if there is something similar.

Another thing might be that some newer routers create one SSID for both 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands. Then, use something called band steering to move clients to the 5ghz band. The ESP modules only support 2.4ghz, so make sure you can setup at least one 2.4ghz only SSID for them to connect to.