I fear I fried my ws2811 pixels

I installed a few strands of ws2811 pixels on my home I had them temporarily wired to my controller and power source to ensure they were working. When I mounted the controller in the garage permanently, I made the huge mistake of flipping the gnd and +. I immediately unplugged the system, but now nothing turns on. Is there anyway to determine if strands of lights are salvageable? I had about 300 leds in the sequence. Three strands connected end to end.

You may have only killed the first, or first few LEDs. Try cutting them off or jumping the data signal over them.

Thank you, @tonyno ! I had voltage injection at the end of the line as well. I thought for sure everything was toast. I only had to replace 5 lights right at the beginning and we are back up and running. What a relief!

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