Individual relay + analog input for segments

I live in a canal boat and have decided to connect all the lighting and controls to a single ESP32. Using WLED seemed like a good idea at the time I am struggling with making simple modifications to it now which are essential to my project.
Here’s what the board looks like -

(There are 3 other boards which connect to this to enable long distance communication)

What I need here is the ability to control 8 individual LED segments via their dedicated analog input + relay control for each of them. Mosfets are being used instead of relays but the code will be the same for both. Relay/Mosfet is essential because addressable LEDs consume a significant amount of power even when off which is a no-go in a solar powered canal boat. Ever amp-hour counts in winters.

I will appreciate is some guidance around this so I can do this and potentially contribute to this amazing project in my own way.

Ideally this should be a part of webUI so it can be one of the settings within each segment.
I found a usermod called multi_relay which can be used for relays with a bit of modification but nothing on analog input.

The way WLED works is a bit too complex for me (thus the struggle) but will really appreciate if someone can guide me here!

There is a multirelay usermod. Maybe that will get you closer.

Yes that is very helpful. But I also need to attach analog inputs to to each segment separately. Any suggestions on where I can look for that?

You would need to write a usermod for the analog input. Currently, only one is supported.

Analog inputs are enabled by default in the buttons section of settings.
Look into KB on how to set them up to control each segment.