Integrating with Voice Attack?

I’ve got LED’s around my PC desk and monitors and want to be able to start and stop presets using Voice Attack while gaming. For example, in Elite Dangerous, when I say ‘red alert’, my Voice Attack currently carries out several in-game commands and also plays mp3 files. I’d like it to also start a WLED preset. I’m quite new to WLED and I don’t know how to integrate it with what I want to do.

Is there a way to start a preset from a hotkey combination on PC keyboard? Macro?

I also have Touch Portal which I use from an old Ipad, at worst, if I can integrate presets into it. I could touch a button on the Ipad to start the preset?

I’m using 4 strips of addressable LED’s on a digquad controller with ESP32 and running them from PC via web browser to the WLED IP address.

No familiarity with VoiceAttack at all, but it sounds like some sort of “voice to maco” tool and if so, see if it can send a web REST command. If so, then you just need something like with the HTTP API at HTTP Request API - WLED Project

The JSON API is more powerful, but you should be able to do what you are asking with the simple HTTP API



Would tell the WLED instance that has a local name of ‘wled.local’ (settable in the configuration (in config → WiFi → mDNS address) to execute preset #5.

Great! Thanks, I’ll look into that later, and yes VA is basically a voice to macro tool